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Vyulya girls’ secondary school is in eastern province, Mwala district, Vyulya location Masaku County. It was started in 1972 by the community to quest their hunger for education. it was a one streamed school but it has grown over the years to a four streamed school. The school is A.I.C sponsored.


Direction to the school.

From Machakos town you take Vyulya matatus from the main stage, arrive at Kithangathini stage (17 kms), then turn left, alight at Vyulya market and enter the school gate or drive from Kitui  along mackakos/kitui road, pass Masii town, get to Kithangathini stage then turn on your right and drive for seven kms up to school.


School vision.

Quality love for quality success.

School mission.

To succeed through hard work.

School motto

Knowledge is immortal.

Core values of the school.

v Team work

v Discipline.

v Professionalism.

v Excellence in performance

v Integrity

v Leadership and unity of purpose

v Transparency and accountability.


Academic performance

Since its inception the school has been performing relatively well as a district school registering a mean of 6.200,6.950 and 7.323 in 2008,2009,and 2010 respectively. The first provincial class will be tested in 2012. it the best public performing school in Mwala District and among the best in Masaku county. The school has self driven and hard working teachers, cooperative Board of Governors and the PTA. The school emphases both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.


Physical facilities

v It has humble physical facilities that includes.

v 16 classrooms

v A big spacious library

v A modern computer lab

v Two sciences labs

v One Home science lab

v Two food stores

v A sick bay for the students

v Seven storyed dorms

v One kitchen with modern energy saving jikos

v One dinning

v A generator

v One administration

v Two staffrooms

v Seven staff houses

v A bore hole

v Ablution lock

v Incinerator

v A playing ground.

v Two 52 and 33 bus seater.


Human resource

v The school has 21 TSC Teachers

v Five members of non teaching staff

v Thirteen support staff


Income generating activities

v Runs a computer college in conjunction with Computers for schools Kenya (cfsk)

v Keeps Dairy cattle and goats

v Five fish ponds(30by 30 meters )

v Beekeeping project

v Vegetable farming

v Biogas plant.


Co-curricular activities

The students actively participate in the following activities.

v Music.

v Science congress.

v Basket ball.

v Net ball

v Volleyball

v Hand ball

v Badminton

v Loan tennis

v Athletics



The flowing clubs are very active

v Emmanuel Hope Center (for both partial and total orphans only)

v Why wait club (Young people are encouraged to chill)

v Rangers

v Wildlife

v Information and Communication Technology.

v Secondary school action for better health (SSABH).

v National cohesion and peace building.


School management

The school is headed by a principal and it is managed by the Board of Governors. The PTA is also vibrant and represents the parents’ interests. There are heads of departments and subject heads.


Student council/prefect body.

The students elect their leaders through popular vote because the school believes in democratic values/ principals. Students are encouraged to hold meetings and 


 The school-community Relationship.

The school relates very well with the community. The school participates in community and church functions. The school provides the community with water(Vyulya primary school Vyulya .AIC church and the immediate neighbors.


Financial  Assistance.

The school gets financial assistance from the following bodies,

 Ministry of Education.

Constituency Development Fund.

Education Bursary Fund.

Emmanuel Hope Center.

Kenya Education Fund.

Exodus Children’s Home.

























Deputy Principal





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