LIFE IS ABOUT CHOICE NOT CHANCE- Make every day count.

The members of the department include Mr. Mwanza, Mr. Munyao and Mr. Muthusi.

It is important for a student to get the requisite information, as they go through school, in order to fit into the world of ‘jobs.’ This information enables them to make the right decision in terms of the choice of a career that world grant them the opportunity to explore their dreams.

The world happens to be changing fast, too fast for some; the norm being that people are now moving away from the traditional career fellows like doctors, accountant, pilots, teachers and all to try multi- tasking and self- employment.

The young tend to end up confused for a simple reason: so many different people wish, demand from that they should be this or that other. Our task therefore, as a department, is to advise the student accordingly so that they may make INFORMED CHOICES.

To facilitate the subject choices, the school offers five compulsory subjects namely: English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. A student then makes three more choices to make the total eight. These are selected from Geography, History, Physics, Christian Religious Education, Agriculture, Business Studies and Home science. Physical Education is also offered to all the classes though not examinable.

There is also room for students to exploit their talents, some of which can lead them onto a career path. The extra-curricular activities in the school include: Football, Netball, Volleyball, Lawn tennis, Table Tennis, Handball, Basketball and Music. All have done comparatively well as far as the District, Provincial and National championship levels.

Computer skills are no longer a luxury or preserve of the rich but a requirement without which a person cannot fit into the world of employment. The school takes care of this through a very successful project in conjunction with ‘The computer for schools Kenya’ – CFSK, an organization which teaches trains and assesses then awards certificates on computer proficiency.

Parents should listen to their daughters and sons wishes as they help with the choosing of the future careers but wisely, please, DO NOT FORCE THEM INTO WHERE THEIR HEART IS NOT!

All students, in Vyulya and elsewhere should remember: Opportunities can drop into your lap if you have your lap where opportunities (prepare the grades when you have the opportunity.)

Mwanza A. K.


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