This is a very sensitive department in the school for it coordinates all matters pertaining students welfare. It calls for self-sacrifice and commitment to ensure a smooth running of the entire school.


The department is manned by hardworking caring and cooperative patrons who work tirelessly to ensure that the students’ needs are looked into well, the members are:-

1.  Mrs Peter –H.O.D

2.  Mrs Gitonga – Dorm Patron

3.  Mrs Kiilu - Dorm Patron

4.  Mrs Wambua – Dorm Patron

5.  Mrs Katua – Dorm Patron


The above are normally assisted by male teachers.

The dorms have been named after African famous mountains (e.g)

1) Ruwenzori

2) Usambara

3) Everest

4) Kilimanjaro

5) Kenya

Each dorm is headed by a dorm captain who acts as a link between the office and the students and reports all matters affecting the students.

God solely provides for and sustains our lives every evening student assembles in their various dorms for prayers and a common prayer rota is followed in all dorms.

Night roll calls are mandatory and are conducted before girls retire to their beds to ensure that all is well.

Cleanliness is our first priority and to encourage this, girls are motivated termly ; the first three cleanest dorms and classes are awarded. Beds are uniformly spread and all dorms are ever neat.

The department has the best facilities for instance:

Ø An ablution block which is well equipped.

Ø An incinerator which is a rare facility in many.                                    

Ø Institutions.

Ø A sickbay-where girls are attended to when they fell sick.

Ø A dining hall.

Meals are well balanced and prepared .our school matron who is in charge of the catering department works hand in hand with the cooks to ensure that the meals are ready in time.


I would like to thank all students for their commendable conduct and cooperation I call upon all the members to work devotedly to uplift the status of the department.

Finally I thank the administration and the stakeholders for the support accorded to us at the effort it has made to streamline the department

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Failures are those people who never know how close to success they were before they gave up!

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