The department has seven teachers all who have mathematics as half teaching subject.

They are:-

Mr. Murimi – Mathematics & Chemistry

Mr. Mathuku - Mathematics & Geography

Mr. Mwanza - Mathematics & Physics

Mr. Muthusi - Mathematics & B/Studies

Mr. Nderitu - Mathematics & Physics

Ms. Mboya - Mathematics & Chemistry

Ms. Mutua - Mathematics & Biology


The work force is highly dedicated & motivated. They are the secret behind the success of the subject. The school administration has also greatly   supported learning of mathematics by provision of learning resources & motivation of students.


The department has successfully helped overcome negative attitude of learners in the subject.  There is a lot done by both teachers & students to improve the subject. The testing is done weekly. Every week a class either does a quiz or a contest over lunch hour.  Three exams are also done every term. The department also facilitates attendance of the external mathematics contest like Alliance girls’ & Mang’u national contests. Internal symposia & inviting of external national examiners are some of the methods used to equip learners in preparation of national exams.

The performance of the subject in K.C.S.E has been improving yearly.  The target for this year is 5.6-C.To   ensure this is done the syllabus will be completed by end of May to pave way for intensive revision.


The department believes mathematics should be able to compete with the other subjects in terms of popularity & performance & this is what we are aiming at doing.

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